Basic Concept - Molecular Absorption

This is our Basic Concepts package on Molecular Absorption. If you want to know the basics behind Keith's research, listen here.

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Molecules in Space - Keith Smith

We chatted to Keith Smith about astrochemistry and how we find molecules in the dark depths of space. Read more on the blog at

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Sixty Symbols - Roger Bowley

We talk to Professor Roger Bowley, who you may know from the University's very own Sixty Symbols videos. You can check them out online at Read more on our blog at

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Sixty Symbols

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The Evolution of Galaxies - Will Hartley

We chatted to Will Hartley about galaxy evolution and how we know where dark matter is located in the Universe.. Read more on our blog at

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Basic Concepts - Tony Padilla

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Dark Energy - Tony Padilla

We spoke to particle cosmologist, Tony Padilla, about what makes up our Universe. Read more on our blog at

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Are We Alone? - Frazer Pearce

We spoke to Dr. Frazer Pearce about whether it's possible for there to be life out there... Read more on our blog at

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Nanotechnology: A Fantastic Voyage - Phil Moriarty

We chatted to Professor Phil Moriarty about nanotechnology and whether Science Fiction can become reality - will nanobots really take over the world? Or is it just wild speculation? Check out The Science Show blog:

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