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URN - Hot in Notts

posted 31.01.14 at 1:25pm

In response to the influx of articles about 'Hot in Notts', essentially rating how attractive people are and giving absolute gems of information about them - URN has responded with our very own 'Hot in Notts' - see if our presenters really do have faces for radio:

Name: Will Leney

Nickname: Dragon-tongue

Course: BA in Banta (Current grade 2.2)

If you were an animal what would you be: “I’d be a tiger so I could Roar like Katy Perry. I know that’s not funny but it’s the truth”.

Funny Story: “I once got in the wrong bed and made out with my mum”.

Will 'Dragon-Tongue' LeneyWill 'Dragon-Tongue' Leney

Name: Henry Coates

Nickname: The PileDriver

Course: PHD in Astrophysics with Beginners Scottish

If you were an animal what would you be: “A panda because I like black and l like white”.

Funny Story: “I lost a game of tennis to my younger brother and I’ve never stopped crying since”.

Henry 'The PileDriver' CoatesHenry 'The PileDriver' Coates

Name: Jess Salter

Nickname: Ready Salted

Geoff the Jedi - new BBC soap

posted 27.05.13 at 12:26pm

Not one to turn down a challenge, I was tasked with re-writing the entire Star Wars saga as a soap - featuring as many car crashes, affairs and explosions as possible.

I brought one thing to the table that George Lucas could not quite muster with the prequels - creativity.

The creative genius himselfThe creative genius himself

Geoff the Jedi is the protagonist of this gritty East End drama, also featuring Mark and Anna - classic Jedi names. Listen to arguments, pub brawls, pregnancy and explosions, all within ninety seconds. Why waste months of television time when you can do it in just over a minute?

To follow the madness, find me on Facebook (search for the Morning Show with Giles Gear) and on Twitter (@gilorules).

Celebrations + Live Rap Battle...

posted 11.11.11 at 12:33am

It was a very tense beginning to the week as the Student Radio Awards were fast approaching URN; but, as always, the station delivered and on the 9th November 2011, we were crowned the Best Student Radio Station 2011 - second year running!

This meant that celebrations had to ensue throughout the morning's show and of course, other people's shows for the duration of the day; my contribution to the festivities was playing 'Celebrate good times, come on!' approximately every five minutes, which can be heard in the podcast!

It was my third 'Wake Up With' for URN and my my, did it fly by. I was genuinely loving the show, and before I knew it, Humdingers went and gone in the blink of an eye, Joe Keogh's song (Stone - search for it on Youtube) had been played, and a huge amount of shout outs were given: suddenly it was nine o'clock.

Dementors, giraffes and more

posted 03.11.11 at 8:27pm

As the title suggests, today's show (the 3rd November, not the 2nd November as I thought...) was one of the most surreal ones I've ever experienced. It all kicked off with myself being convinced it was the 2nd, until being corrected almost instantly, so thanks to eagle eared listeners for spotting that!

Within ten minutes of playing 'Humdingers,' Gurps Rai guessed the answer = 'Kids' by MGMT, and won himself four free coffees from Mooch! Tune in next week for your opportunity to win another four vouchers!

It was just before nine o'clock that the show itself moved into the realms of the bizarre, as I got a text in about giraffes affecting the road conditions. But, as always, I give a shout out to anyone, so ended up playing the News jingle and read out the peculiar phrase live on air, so check out the podcast for that!

Matthew Gundry joined me, as per usual, at just after nine to tune if for what was undoubtedly radio history. Many of you will know that the weekly Quidditch game occurs on the Downs every Wednesday, and I was down there to make amends for the Quidditch-bashing that happened last week. That was when I experienced the most surreal moment of my life to date:

First solo broadcast on URN

Yes loyal listeners, on the 26th October 2011, Giles Gear hit URN's airwaves for the first time.

I must admit, the first ten minutes were particularly harrowing and terrifying as I was unsure if anyone was actually listening/I was even on air. But after the faithful Mother Gear got in touch, the messages soon came flying in, including a request for one of my favourite bands, AC/DC.

Highlights included Humdingers, where very basically I force unsuspecting members of the public to hum a well known song, which if guessed by the listeners, can lead to four FREE Mooch coffee vouchers being won! This week's was 'Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling', which you can listen to on the podcast! Things really kicked off when Matthew Gundry joined me and began insulting the weekly Quidditch game on the downs, which provoked an angry response from one listener, also available on the podcast!

Overall, it was hugely enjoyable and I barely had enough time to fit in all the games/songs/general chit chat that's needed for a Thursday morning!

NEXT WEEK: To make up for our insulting of Quidditch, I will attempt to record myself being the snitch for next weeks show, Humdingers will return, as will 9.30 knockers, and my freaked-out review of Paranormal Activity Three!

Get listening, get involved, get into Gear.