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First interview with YOUR new SU President

Your new SU President for 2015/16 speaks to URN.

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The Elections Show - President

posted 12.03.15 at 11:04pm

The Presidential CandidatesThe Presidential Candidates

On Thursday 12th March, we welcomed the Presidential Candidates into the URN Studios for the last installment of The Elections Show. Our show designed to get to know the candidates behind the manifestos. We've seen their manifestos, we've seen them around campus...but who are they?!

Tonight saw the return of 'The Biggest Twit' for the last time, as our resident stalkers took to the Presidential Candidates social media accounts to dig up their embarrassing social media past...

A brand new game for the Presidents, and inspired by the manifestos of Candidates from this year and past years too, we played 'Manifesto Bingo'. The Candidates had to pick one word from three mugs; the first contained classic manifesto buzz-words, the second places around the University of Nottingham and then lastly, a completely random word. The Candidates then had to generate a manifesto point based on and including those three words.